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"QueTools has opened up new ways to reach and expand our fan-base and continues to give us critical feedback how the public sees us."

- Andrew O'Neill, Framed Band

Content types are reusable and rearrangeable components that make up most of your page content inside QueTools. Each block of content  on a page or in an email is of one of these types. 

Content types inside QueTools provide an easy way for you to enter data in a way that is preformatted by your designer (so it always looks good!) and is easy to enter inside QueTools without mis-entering information. When editing a Content type you are faced with a form that requests certian data to be entered-- so for example the "Person" Content Type requests a Name, Email, Phone Number, Photo and Description.

Content types are also sortable, searchable, and form the foundation of the E-Commerce system inside QueTools.

Through the use of content types you can build highly complex content layouts whilst maintaining the look and feel, and level of polish that your designer has set up for you in their initial build, ensuring a much higher level of quality, and ease of editing than other systems out there.

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