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David Marketing

"QueTools has greatly reduced business interuptions by allowing my clients to update their website content hassel free.

Not only does this allow my business to focus more on technology related developments, but also allows my clients to take full control over their public web image whenever they please."

- Ben Noy, Bnoyzy Digital Solutions

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Use Case

"David owns a Traditional Marketing Agency and has a large client base who would benefit from digital services as part of their ongoing strategy."

You have a large client base you've developed over 20 years in the business, and you want to leverage it to its fullest potential, but you dont want to move into an area you neither know nor care about. What do you do?

  • Expand your staff. This is expensive and very risky. How do you source people who you know are going to be able to deliver a product of the same quality as the other products you offer? The significant startup cost, and ongoing overheads with no guarantee of performance are fairly pohibitive. 
  • Partner with another company. At a glance this seems like a good idea-- you can trade the contact for favourable rates and discounts for your clients that will continue to keep them with you. The problem arises when your client now has to start talking to two different companies to communicate the same information, and what assurances do you have that your client isn't just going to go to them later on for some work that you DO want to do?
  • Ignore the market and keep doing what you're doing. Sure, this is fine-- but is a quick way to thin your client base. If you're not offering all the services your clients need then what happens when they go and find another Agency who can? Your team knows your clients needs, why can't you leverage that knowledge to provide those services for them?

Enter QueTools-- David's Digital Services Partner:

Straight away David's company can now offer a "Full Service" marketing model including a full suite of Digital tools and services. He doesn't have to worry about any of the ongoing costs associated with expanding into the area as everything is factored into the costs when they are quoted at a fixed rate and a guaranteed level of quality and timeline. 

David doesn't care that his clients know about the QueTools teams existence, so he can further support his clients with QueTools best-in-class training and support directly. He also has the ability to package QueTools products as components in his marketing campaigns to add value to the bundles he already has. All of this without any investment in infrustructure, staff, or training!  

As an added bonus David has now opened up several new revenue streams, including a monthly subscription payment. 

David's Benefits from becoming a QueTools agency include: 

Extra revenue streams. Increased profits. Better client retention and satisfaction. Improved brand image.

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