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Q: What is Quetools?

QueTools combines a wide range of digital tools (Content Management, Email marketing, E-Commerce, Social Media, Web Hosting etc.) and services (Design, Development, SEO, Consulting, Training & Support) under one roof with the goal of supporting Agencies who either do not currently have a Digital Department in their workflow, or want to expand beyond what their current digital capabilities are. 

All the QueTools software is custom developed by the QueTools team, and is designed to make the process of building and managing a website as easy as humanly possible from a Client/Agency standpoint. Specifically it aims to resolve a lot of the common problems associated with software like Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal (the use of which seems to be a trend in the web development world). 

Q: How can QueTools benefit me? I am a {Insert Number Here} man {Insert Field} company? 

In lots of ways. QueTools is designed from the ground up to help businesses get the most our of digital, be it agencies or clients. Some of the big ones are:

  • Increase the speed and efficiency of your current production department by passing generic tasks (non-company differentiating) off to us while you focus on what your company really does well.

  • Have the support of a whole outsorced development company should you have internal problems like illness, financial troubles etc.

  • No more worrying about expansion, because with QueTools in your corner you can handle any workload.

  • With QueTools you're always in touch with the company who made the tools you're using

  • Offer all of your general web services-set from the same supplier-- no multiple passwords for each client.

  • Manage all client information from a single place. No more remembering all the different client details, just your login. 

  • All QueTools services are fixed price, making quoting and marking up really easy for your sales people.

  • Get a new source of recurring revenue from your clients by marking up our fixed price service fees, allowing you to spend more time supporting your clients and making sure they get the most effective results. 

  • The QueTools tools are packaged in a way that is easy to explain to potential customers. No more explaination of Domains, the DNS system, Hosting best practices, Information security etc. Everything your clients need to put their content on the web is included. 

  • Local, personalised support from the people who made it means you and your clients will never be without a helping hand when you run into trouble. Need something custom? Give us a call.

Q: We manually do everything in {Insert System Here} and build from the ground up since all our work is custom.

Whatever you can do in Wordpress/Joomla/Drupal you can do more, do it faster and more efficiently with QueTools. QueTools contains hundreds of abstracted components for things like social media and external service integration, specific types of data entry (galleries, people, cars etc) and includes the ability for you to create your own from right inside the application. 

At the same time, whilst QueTools provides prefabricated components (to assist in the development of websites), the number of components required to have a running website is far smaller, and the requirements less strict than those contained in systems like Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. This allows you to create a greater range of custom designs quicker and with less holding you back. 

QueTools is there to help you develop your websites and your business and as such it tries not to impose any of our workflow on you. The real brilliance of QueTools is that you do what you do well the way you like it to get the best possible results. Just leave the rest to QueTools.

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