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Jenny Manager

"QueTools has greatly reduced business interuptions by allowing my clients to update their website content hassel free.

Not only does this allow my business to focus more on technology related developments, but also allows my clients to take full control over their public web image whenever they please."

- Ben Noy, Bnoyzy Digital Solutions

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Use Case

"Jenny manages a design and development team and is keen to streamline her current workflow to increase efficiency and profit."

We've all worked in a web development company at one time or another, and we all understand exactly what the major headaches and problems are that have never been truely solved:

  • Managing your clients credentials. A shout from across the room-- 'Does anyone have the hacket FTP details?'. We've all been here. How do you manage the hundreds or thousands of different usernames, passwords, panel urls, and hostnames associated with your clients websites? Often development companies resort to practices that risk their clients information security just to keep this area of business managable.
  • Explaining to your clients the value of each of the services that they have to subscribe to. Yes the client is paying you to understand the technology and provide them with a service, but as soon as you let out of the bag that there will be 3 extra subscription fees to 3 other companies just to have their website on the internet, you start getting the questions-- What is Managed DNS and why do I need it? I've already paid for my domain, why do I have to pay for hosting as well!
  • Training your clients in the use of the systems you provide them with. This is another one that can take a serious bite out of what once looked like a profitable day. 5 hours down and they've only just now got their head around the idea of not pasting their content from a word document. 

Enter QueTools-- Jenny's Digital Services Partner:

CMS Login? FTP Details? Database Credentials? what is that. Never again does anyone in Jenny's team have to worry about these things as they're all handled by QueTools itself. All they have to do is remember their own username and password, and login to manage all of the services they're offering to their clients directly. 

Because Jenny already does both design and development she doesn't need to make use of QueTools' production services, however, she'd rather spend her time managing her team and not teaching her clients how to use the products they're developing. Out of the box she can put them in touch with the QueTools support team who can provide all the initial training, and ongoing support. Naturally Jenny will be included in all ongoing communication so she and her team are always up to date with whats being said (and can chime in if they feel the need!)

What's even better is that telling her clients about the subscription licenses is as simple as: "The Web License? That includes everything you need to have your website online. The Marketing one? Everything you need to advertise your website around the internet? And if you want to sell things on your website, you can sign up for the E-Commerce one as well."

As an added bonus Jenny's team has not only consolidated all their pre-existing accounts that handle domains, hosting, dns, backup, etc under one roof but has simplified their subscription payments structure reducing ongoing account management time and money. While they're at it they're probably making a better margin on this simplfied structure than they ever did before!

Jenny's Benefits from becoming a QueTools agency include: 

Simplification of revenue streams and providers. Better client support. More time for management, sales and production. Easier sell.

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