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"QueTools has opened up new ways to reach and expand our fan-base and continues to give us critical feedback how the public sees us."

- Andrew O'Neill, Framed Band

Having a regularly updated website can help bring users back to your website over and over again, solidifying your message and your brand. The simplest way to have a regularly updated website? To supply updates through news and current affairs section.

The QueTools Web Package comes standard with a module to help you easily manage date-oriented articles like news and current affairs.

Like Events, once entered, Articles in the QueTools system can be added to any page or email in the QueTools Web Package, or QueTools Maketing Package using the Article Digest content type. This content type allows you to dynamically create lists of the latest articles in your system based on a combination of:

  • the category they're stored in
  • the tags that are applied to them
  • the time period in which they were posted

These lists can also have a dynamic number of rows and columns, and support finite control over what information is shown in your listings.

News and Articles in QueTools are searchable by default, can have an image thumbnail/cover, are written in rich text and support comment feeds provided by the disqus commenting system out of the box.


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