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"QueTools has opened up new ways to reach and expand our fan-base and continues to give us critical feedback how the public sees us."

- Andrew O'Neill, Framed Band

Got an something planned that you want your clients to attend? Perhaps something that happens regularly-- maybe once a week? Then you need some way to let your customers know whats coming up! 

Keep your clients up to date with QueTools Web Package's powerful Events and Calendars module.

Add, Tag, Categorise and Manage upcoming events with multiple date ranges, and intelligent recurring profiles. Events are searchable through the standard QueTools search features and browsable through a calendar based interface (used below!).

And once you're done? Events are mapped against your master timeline in QueTools Advanced Statistics module, giving you a clear picture of how your Events are affecting your brand, your traffic and your sales!

Like Articles, once entered, Events in the QueTools system can be added to any page or email in the QueTools Web Package, or QueTools Marketing Package using the Event Calender, or Event Digest content types.


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