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"QueTools has opened up new ways to reach and expand our fan-base and continues to give us critical feedback how the public sees us."

- Andrew O'Neill, Framed Band

Social Networking is the fastest growing communications medium on the internet today, and provides some of the best opportunities for getting your message to your customers when it will be the most effective. QueTools Social module allows you to post to any number of social network accounts simultaneously.

QueTools Social module also intelligently suggests times when it might be useful to send a social message, and even automatically enters links to what you're talking about. All this, plus all the other features you'd expect from a social messaging client-- Automatic long link shortening, Character limit warnings etc. makes for one of the simplest yet most robust Social messaging tools on the web.

Social networking also supplies some of the richest information about the success of your internet marketing attempts, which naturally feeds straight into the QueTools Advanced Statistics module, providing more information, and more metrics to give you the full picture of whats going on. Combined with a series of advanced social media content-types to place in Email Marketing Campaigns and Web Page Content and you have a everything you need to be effective in the Social web.

The QueTools Social module currently supports posting to unlimited numbers of accounts from:

And we're adding more every day. Give us a yell if there is a social networking service you want added and we'll get right on it!

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