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Robert Businessman

"QueTools has greatly reduced business interuptions by allowing my clients to update their website content hassel free.

Not only does this allow my business to focus more on technology related developments, but also allows my clients to take full control over their public web image whenever they please."

- Ben Noy, Bnoyzy Digital Solutions

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Use Case

"Robert's marketing and design business is looking to increase its volume of work with no investment to provide protection in tough financial times."

Tough financial times mean tough decisions, and you have to have a plan ready if things go bad. You've invested the last 10 years of your life building a business-- you dont want to lose it all because some banks have been playing sillybuggers with everyones money. So what are the problems Robert is facing?
  • Robert is worried that if his company has a lull in production, he wont be able to hold on to his expensive production staff, and without staff he wont be able to continue to deliver his products.
  • With all the talk of hard financial times ahead around, Robert simply doesn't have the flexibility or the funds to invest in the sort of high risk Research and Development he needs to remain competitive.
  • In order to try to get ahead and build in a large enough buffer to survive, Robert needs to increase his turnover now, but every client he adds to his list costs him greatly in Support which has started to impact negatively upon his customer satisfaction and his brand.

Enter QueTools-- Robert's Digital Services Partner:

Whats great for Robert is that QueTools can immediately handle as little or as much of his digital production as he needs. If he has to scale down his production team, or move portions of his team onto more focused activities QueTools is there to pick up the slack.

At the same time the QueTools toolset is under constant development, with new integrated features going in every day. If there is something Robert really needs, he can commission it to get it done at a greatly reduced cost because the developers who will build his new features are the same ones who built the QueTools tools from scratch-- meaning less time, less cost and less risk. 

Most of all though, QueTools is there to help Robert and his business get ahead. Because QueTools can pick up all the Support, and all the extra menial production tasks that get in the way of the real value they offer their clients. 

As an added bonus Robert has now opened up new revenue streams including a passive monthly subscription stream which will assist in keeping his business running even in the hardest financial times.

Robert's Benefits from becoming a QueTools agency include: 

Recession-proofing. Added revenue streams. Better customer satisfaction. Constantly competitive technology.

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