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Q. Is any training provided with new accounts?

Yes! Of course! When you sign up for your account you will receive a custom one-on-one training session (either in person, or video-conferencing via Skype) outlining all the options you have selected. You can have any number of people on your end attending this session, although if there are going to be a few people there some warning will help us prepare properly.

More training can be requested at any time, and there are of course webinars running constantly throughout the year to help in retraining and clarification. 

Q. How often are webinars and do I have to sign up ahead of time?

Webinars are currently held every 2 weeks (although we'll be stepping this up to weekly in the coming months) and can be attended by anyone. You can register you interest for a webinar by contacting us, or simply visit the QueTools website in the half an hour before a webinar begins to log into the service. 

Q. Is there a QueTools Manual?

Yes. The QueTools manual is an ever-evolving document, containing lots of interesting guides on how to use each component of QueTools. It is always available from a link at the top right of your page from any QueTools affiliated website. If you do have any problems with the manual or think something should be added let us know!

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