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The Tools

Q. I use {Insert Web-Tool Here}. What can QueTools offer me that I don't already have?

QueTools is all about the simplification of processes through integration of multiple tools and services so that you dont have to think about the underlying stuff, and can focus on what you're really trying to do-- delivering your message. To this end, it's not really a fair comparison to put QueTools up against any one tool. That said: 

  QueTools Wordpress/Joomla! Campaign Monitor/Mailchimp Traditional Webhost
Cost $30 to $180 Free $15 to $500 $5 to $500
Billed Monthly N/A Per Subscriber Monthly
Hosting & Bandwidth Included None Included Included
Support Direct access to developers, Manuals, Knowledge Base, Email, Phone, Webinars, One on One training available Forums, IRC, Youtube tutorials Knowledge Base, Email, Forum Knowledge Base, Email, Phone
Contract None None None Various
Services Included Out of the Box Content Management, Blogging, Event Management, E-Commerce, Subscriber Management, Statistics, Hosting, Managed DNS, Social Integration Content Management, Statistics Subscriber Management, Email Marketing, Statistics Hosting
Set-up and Configuration Supplied Up to you Supplied Up to you
Plugins/Integration Focused, quality plugins. If one doesn't exist it can be created. Typically simple install difficulty (if at all). Millions of plugins of various qualities. Potentially high install difficulty. N/A N/A


Q. What are these QueTools licenses and what does each one cover?

Website License

  • QueTools Content Module ~ Content Management
  • QueTools Events Module ~ Event and Calendar Management
  • QueTools Articles Module ~ Blogging and Articles
  • QueTools Website Statistics ~ Statistics relating to your website activities
  • Hosting (Unlimited, Fair use policy applies after 50GB of bandwidth)
  • Managed DNS (to assist in rapid recovery on failure)
  • Backup (Multiple location backups nightly)
  • Initial Training (Single session with one or more trainees on newly enabled features)

Marketing License

  • QueTools Emails Module ~ Email Marketing
  • QueTools People Module ~ Subscriber Management
  • QueTools Social Module ~ Social Network Publishing
  • QueTools Marketing Statistics ~ Statistics relating to your marketing activities
  • Bandwidth/Subscribers (Unlimited, Fair use policy applies after 50gb of bandwidth)

E-Commerce License

  • QueTools Orders Module ~ Manage and progress your E-Commerce orders
  • QueTools Inventory Module ~ Manage stock levels of products in the system
  • Custom QueTools Shop Item ~ Custom shop item format based on your requirements
  • QueTools E-Commerce Statistics ~ Statistics relating to your e-commerce activities
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Hosting/Bandwidth (Unlimited, Fair use policy applies after 50gb of bandwidth)

Also Included...

  • QueTools Statistics ~ Central module that pools all statistics information to give you a clear picture of how each of your efforts is affecting each element of your digital world.
  • Unlimited Webinars
  • Initial training session covering all requested features with one or more trainees
  • Comprehensive backups ~ Nightly for a week, Weekly for a month, Monthly for a year, Yearly for 10 years. Secure backup to 3 seperate locations. 

Q. Are there any other fees other than the licenses that I should be aware of? (ie. Hosting, Bandwidth etc)

No. Everything you need to run your online presence is contained in the Licenses.

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