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"QueTools has opened up new ways to reach and expand our fan-base and continues to give us critical feedback how the public sees us."

- Andrew O'Neill, Framed Band

Think of the Quetools Web Package as the center of your Internet Marketing world. It hosts your website, and it contains all the information on which all your Internet Marketing efforts are based. It hosts your Articles and Calendars, provides you with your client Feedback, and most importantly lets your clients find out who you are, and what you're all about. In a very real way, its your head office on the web.

The Quetools Web Package contains several different peices:

  • The use of one or more of the 3 web modules-- Content, Articles and Events
  • Access to a selection of content types (As identified by your Agent) from our huge database of unique and useful types.
  • Development of up to 2 unique custom content types to suit your business and the content you'll be entering.
  • All hosting required for an average Quetools website.
  • Regular and reliable backup.
  • Feed all your Quetools Web statistics back into Quetools Statistics System to get rich, useful feedback on your clients traffic patterns, including whats information is most useful to them.

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