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"QueTools has greatly reduced business interuptions by allowing my clients to update their website content hassel free.

Not only does this allow my business to focus more on technology related developments, but also allows my clients to take full control over their public web image whenever they please."

- Ben Noy, Bnoyzy Digital Solutions

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What good is an investment if you dont have the skills to use it? All too often we purchase technology to make our businesses better and then watch as the costs rise without any benefits, simply because we don't know how to properly leverage it. QueTools tackles this problem head on by providing a fully-featured suite of support services for you and your clients to help you every step of the way!

Custom Webinars

Got a topic you want to go over with several staff members at once? Then organise a Custom Webinar with the Quetools support team. Using the same technology as our free fortnightly seminars, custom webinars allow you to be in control! You choose the topic, and you choose who's invited. Whats more, at the end of the webinar we'll shoot you through the video you can use it for review and more training in the future.

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One on One Training

One on one training involves in-person or over the phone screen sharing training running through any aspect of your clients Internet Marketing Campaign.

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SEO Training for Agencies

As part of our extra Support features, Quetools offers on the ground SEO training for Agencies. This service is designed to assist your Account Execs in giving your clients the best advice and support possible in terms of getting their websites out there and known.

The package includes a day session at your offices (anywhere in Australia or New Zealand) for up to 7 students at a time.

Contact Us to find out more about SEO Training for Agencies.

And no, we dont charge for phone conversations! Give us a yell-- you've got nothing to lose!

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